The concept of ERP of last generation is becoming more and more important for an optimal management of your business. Among countless other advantages, implementing ERP software can improve productivity, increase efficiencies, decrease costs and streamline processes.
But what does it mean in practise Enterprise Resource Planning?
It is about a system that allows to check and to manage all the business processes and through which the whole informative, organizational and operational system merge.
The module ATENA is integrated into Archimede and it is the ideal software to manage your ERP.
Nowadays the productive period focused on the creation of strong stock of products and raw materials is over. The fierce and always increasing demand has been replaced today by a varying and selective market, both under the profile of the quantities and of the preferences. Produce a surplus quantity is a privilege that nobody can afford anymore.
ERP solution is based on purchasing or quickly producing only when it is necessary, that is to say it is based on production and logistics market demand, in an optic of drastic reduction of wastes.
Today's business should be considered as an extremely dynamic system. But at the same time the management of the inside business processes cannot be based on not optimized or fragmented resources.
Possibilities offered by a progressive reduction of the ICT costs (Information and Communication Technologies), have allowed companies to invest in systems of business management software, the so-called ERPs. Integrated systems to 360° to manage in a synergistic and customized way all the business trials.
Atena is completed customizable and continuously developed by our team programmers following the customer’s needs Atena is all of this!

Strength points

It is a highly dynamic procedure, that lets you keep under control:
- Customer orders work in progress
- Invoices issued in advance or supplier orders connected to customer orders
- Technicians work hours on each order
- Access control system managed by a touchscreen pc

Atena is completly customizable and continuously developed by our team programmers following the customer’s needs
Manage your company ERP with Atena is extremely simple and intuitive.
Installation and configuration for the management of the productive company process follows the new Industry concept 4.0. But exactly what does it mean Industry 4.0?
- Turn towards the industrial automation to integrate some new productive technologies in order to improve the job conditions and increase productivity and the quality of products.
New technologies that create collaboration between all elements in production process, so between operators, machines and production and IT tools.
- IT infrastructure and techniques that let integrate in an intuitive, extremely dynamic and customized way all aspects of work cycle
- Great ductility of management software to program and manage any customer request, so able to satisfy each production procedure
Atena, as a module of our accounting software, reflects "completely" this new age of integrated and modular systems able to cover all areas that can be automated and / or controlled inside a company (purchases, design, production, warehouses, sales, shipping, accountancy, services of assistance, financial management, management control, etc. )
Each user can operate at the same time in his competence area in the company
Atena is a system that ensures maximum safety for users. To access the program, it requires a login and a password. It is possible to set different access levels for each user/group of users, depending on their business needs, and to restrict the use and/or the display to only certain parts of the program. In addition, a privileged user can access, always bound by a password, the "event log". This procedure allows to trace all relevant operations performed by each operator.
Atena can be updated through a simple procedure that only requires your customer code and automatically connects to internet to download updates.
Atena has an up-to-date online printable guide, available at all times. By pressing the function key F1, it will open a contextual help explaining each field and describing specific functionalities.
Eurosoft staff provides a direct and unlimited assistance to users who choose a maintenance contract. Assistance is guaranteed through phone, email or remote assistance. Customers may require a remote assistance directly from Archimede menu "assistance".

Atena and Enterprise Resource Planning structure (ERP)

In Atena each cost or revenue is charged to a reference item of expenses / revenue. For all accounts used in general accountancy, it is possible to define a criterion of division and of destination on cost / revenue centres. In this way, a connection is created between the two accountancies.
The connection between general and industrial accountancy can be managed for simple centres of cost or for commercial orders and / or industrial orders.
Each company cost can be charged to one or more customer order or to and internal cost, in order to have a detailed and always available estimated situation of costs/revenues.
From general accountancy module, you can print a reclassified balance sheet including cost centres.
And furthermore in cost centres module are available various statistics of cost/revenue summary.
The creation of a customer order allows to insert, as well as the usual data, elements concerning a detailed description of the work to be carried out, estimate costs, references to the customer’s orders.

Industrial Orders management

Industrial orders are separated in two typologies: production of components or artefacts.
In the case of a customer order for components production it will be requested the end product code, the quantity to produce for the customer, the starting date of production and dates of delivery, maintenance of the machineries timetable, etc.
In cost section the bill of materials (BOM) will be exploded for eventually be modified or integrated. In the lower part of the window you can visualize total costs for production.
There is also a descriptive section for technical details concerning production, this info in addiction to bom list is printable on work order / internal order. In addiction from the industrial accounting module it is possible to create supplier orders and schedule production.
In case of production order for artefacts, the section costs contains a list of necessary raw materials and manufacturing operations (internal or done by suppliers) and additional fixed costs (transport, packing,...) The bom list can be imported from excel /csv files (according to pre-arranged models). From the section costs detail you can directly create supplier quotes / orders and view through different colours their fulfilment.