Archimede is our highest rated product, it’s the answer to the accounting and managerial problems of your company. An easy-to-use accounting software for small and middle businesses.

Archimede is a modular and integrated system, it consists of modules that can be installed independently of each other. Its structure let adopt the necessary procedures for the carrying out of own activities. It is a multi-user and multi company procedure.

It is scalable, because it allows the integration of further modules while growing demands.

It is a flexible and parametric software, with possibility of complete personalization and / or creation of ad hoc modules for any customer’s needs.

Archimede is already prepared to issue and digitally archive files of Electronic Invoices to public administration.

Strength points

Archimede is a product created with Microsoft "Visual Basic" and ". NET" development languages. Realized in 32/64 bit technology using MSSQL Server database.
It has been developed using exclusively Microsoft languages of software development, this guarantees a total compatibility with the operative system and with all applications of individual productiveness of Microsoft Office, all data can be exported to Excel/Access.
Thanks to Crystal Report, Archimede has automated email sending of every document, such as customer offers, supplier orders, invoices, general ledger, balance sheet, statistics, ...
All documents are produced in Adobe Acrobat format and can be sent via email/pec without the aid of an external program, but simply configuring on Archimede users e-mail address settings. Users can use the default contact e-mail predefined for the customer/supplier or choose another email from the address book. This tool saves time and avoids mistakes in the dispatch procedures.
Archimede allows sending any documents or reports by e-mail or by means of certified electronic mail (PEC)
Archimede is a system that ensures maximum safety for users. To access the program, it requires a login and a password. It is possible to set different access levels for each user/group of users, depending on their business needs, and to restrict the use and/or the display to only certain parts of the program. In addition, a privileged user can access, always bound by a password, the "event log". This procedure allows to trace all relevant operations performed by each operator.
Archimede respects the legislation concerning privacy. Among other things it can remind you to change password every 6 months and make sure its composition fulfills rules laid down by legislation.
Archimede can be updated through a simple procedure that only requires your customer code and automatically connects to internet to download updates for installed modules.
For each program of Archimede there is an up-to-date online printable guide, available at all times. By pressing the function key F1, it will open a contextual help explaining each field and describing specific functionalities.
Archimede through Eurosoft staff provides a direct and unlimited assistance to users who choose a maintenance contract. Assistance is guaranteed through phone, email or remote assistance. Customers may require a remote assistance directly from Archimede menu "assistance".
Electronic invoicing (e-Invoicing) is the exchange of the invoice document between a supplier and a buyer in an integrated electronic format. In Archimede you can easily issue, sign and send invoices to your customers and follow results.
There is a module for every requirement. A basic installation with General Accounting, Sales management, warehouse, invoicing…. In addiction module for IVA/balance sheet, ledger, general journal, supplier/customers quote/orders, industrial accounting, Minerva (digital archiving).

Eurosoft: complete support service for software and hardware

For each customer we offer support service on-site, by phone or through remote assistance. Customers can choose an annual software/hardware maintenance contract to ensure periodic check. Support can be extended on public holidays if needed.
We also offer training/assistance on all Office procedures and we organize courses on demand.